About Us

Ning u-ways smart technolgy Co.,Ltd.

Ning u-ways smart technolgy Co.,Ltd (Winning) is a specialized and modernized enterprise of producing healthy food. It was invested by national level pharmaceutical giant—Tianjin Pharmaceuticals Group Corp. with a history of over 70 years and DASHENG Trade & Technology Co., Ltd. of America. It is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area which is the new economic growth point of around Bohai Sea area, covering an area of 15000 square meters. It is adjacent to Jing-Jin Expressway and east to Tianjin Port. Winning enjoys good location with convenient transportation and Optimizing Economic Environment.

With a great variety of healthy food and comprehensive functions, the three brands cover almost all the products in the domestic and overseas healthy food market. There are... Read more

Company Advantage

Strong historic background

U-ways series dietary supplements are produced by the fifth-largest healthy food manufacturer in USA. They are research achievements through the modern biological technology and got FDA approval. U-WAYS brand has awarded the honor of Civil Trusted Brand by American Health Food Association for several years. This brand is recommended by 101 American health experts and wins a high reputation in American main stream society. The products extract the essence of nature and collect advanced biological technology. The natural part of U-ways series comes from green herbage essence and marine life without pollution. With features of complete natural, the products have high effective results.


Quality materials

Global quality raw materials extraction,In cooperation with the world of high-quality raw materials suppliers strictly abide by quality control system.

Green security

We have a rigorous review of raw materials and production process systems to ensure product quality.

Scientific formula

Our professional scientists develop more easily absorbed food recipes according to orientals physique and taste.

Nutrition program

Our professional nutritionist develop the health solutions according to personal physical condition.